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    Play it again

    In an episode of this long running series, Robert Winston went on a journey to learn how to play the saxophone, despite not having played a musical instrument since he was eleven year’s old. After months of tutoring and meeting some of the UK’s top saxophonists, Winston performed for a full house at the Royal…

  • Kings Lynn Festival

    Robert will be speaking at this year’s Kings Lynn Festival on Wednesday 24 July at 7pm.  Tickets for the talk, entitled Modifying Humans are available here: https://www.kingslynncornexchange.co.uk/whats-on/event/talk-prof-robert-winston/  

  • Complete List of Media Appearances

    Medicine in the Year 2000 Prix Futura Award, Berlin, (1975). Your Life in Their Hands five series of thirty programmes BBC Television (1979-87) Making Babies BBC 1, seven programmes (1996), The Human Body BBC 1 series, eight programmes, (1998) National Television Award, three BAFTAs, Peabody Award, Emmy Nomination, BMA Gold Medal Award. Secret Life of…