• Human Instinct

    Human Instinct

    Few people doubt that humans are descended from the apes; fewer still consider, let alone accept, the psychological implications. But in truth, man not only looks, moves and breathes like an ape, he also thinks like one. Sexual drive, survival, competition, aggression – all of our impulses are driven by our human instincts. They explain…

  • Superhuman


    Co-authored with Lori Oliwenstein Following on from the enormously successful BBC program, The Human Body, Superhuman explores the body’s amazing ability to heal, renew, and regenerate itself. This illustrated book relates dramatic tales of futuristic medicine taking place today, and, also, describes how the body’s own power of self-repair is enhanced with contemporary drugs and…

  • IVF Revolution

    IVF Revolution

    A guide from a leading British expert on the practice and ethics of assisted fertility techniques. Subjects include the latest in vitro fertilisation and gamete intra-fallopian transfer techniques, egg donation and embryo freezing. Winston also looks at the possible causes of infertility and offers advice on the emotional and practical angles.   Find IVF Revolution on…

  • Genetic Manipulation

    The Future of Genetic Manipulation

    This title is one in a series of books in which some of the world’s most distinguished academics and writers in their particular fields attempt to forecast the future, over the next 50 years, across a range of social, economic, political , geographical, and technological subject areas.     Find The Future of genetic Manipulation on…

  • Making Babies

    Making Babies

    Accompanying a six-part BBC1 television series, this is an examination of the human, ethical and emotional issues arising from in-vitro fertilization. The book presents the background to the problems faced by women who had IVF treatment during the filming of the series.   Find Making Babies on Amazon.co.uk BBC Worldwide (1996) ISBN 9780563387213

  • Getting Pregnant

    Getting Pregnant

    Pregnancy is one of the great miracles of everyday life, and infertility, for many couples, is one of the greatest sadnesses. This book examines conception and pregnancy and all the potential surrounding problems. Based on the most up-to-date research, the author gives advice on topics such as how to increase the chances of conception, the…

  • Infertility

    Infertility: A Sympathetic Approach

    What are the causes of infertility? How can it be overcome? What is involved in IVF treatment? What are the chances of success? An estimated 1 in 8 couples have trouble conceiving. In this indispensable guide, Professor Robert Winston, Director of the Infertility Clinic ay Hammersmith Hospital, London, looks at the facts: the known cures…