• Body


    A jaw-dropping tour of anatomy from Robert Winston. From how your blood flows through the heart to how your food is digested, take a trip through your very own body and be astounded by its inner workings. A free interactive CD shows the body and it’s movements in 3D detail and acetate pages fold back…

  • Story Of God

    The Story of God

    From the tiniest microchip to the information superhighway, the modern world is dominated by and dependent upon science. Yet whether we realize it or not, we live in an age where faith is still an important influence in our lives. The majority of Americans profess a belief in a Christian God and Islam acts as…

  • Human


    What does it really mean to be human? How do we actually differ from apes? All your questions answered in this definitive visual guide to being Human. From biology to beliefs, evolution to our future, a team of expert writers and consultants – led by author and broadcaster Robert Winston – tell the complete story…

  • The Human Mind

    The Human Mind

    It is the most complex and mysterious object in the universe. Covered by a dull grey membrane, it resembles a gigantic, convoluted fungus. Its inscrutability has captivated scientists, philosophers and artists for centuries. It is, of course, the human brain. With the help of science we can now begin to understand the extraordinary complexity of…

  • Human Instinct

    Human Instinct

    Few people doubt that humans are descended from the apes; fewer still consider, let alone accept, the psychological implications. But in truth, man not only looks, moves and breathes like an ape, he also thinks like one. Sexual drive, survival, competition, aggression – all of our impulses are driven by our human instincts. They explain…

  • Superhuman


    Co-authored with Lori Oliwenstein Following on from the enormously successful BBC program, The Human Body, Superhuman explores the body’s amazing ability to heal, renew, and regenerate itself. This illustrated book relates dramatic tales of futuristic medicine taking place today, and, also, describes how the body’s own power of self-repair is enhanced with contemporary drugs and…

  • IVF Revolution

    IVF Revolution

    A guide from a leading British expert on the practice and ethics of assisted fertility techniques. Subjects include the latest in vitro fertilisation and gamete intra-fallopian transfer techniques, egg donation and embryo freezing. Winston also looks at the possible causes of infertility and offers advice on the emotional and practical angles.   Find IVF Revolution on…

  • Genetic Manipulation

    The Future of Genetic Manipulation

    This title is one in a series of books in which some of the world’s most distinguished academics and writers in their particular fields attempt to forecast the future, over the next 50 years, across a range of social, economic, political , geographical, and technological subject areas.     Find The Future of genetic Manipulation on…

  • ScienceofMusicRadio

    The Science of Music

    Robert Winston looks at music with a scientist’s eye, testing the data behind our emotions, in a series that seeks to fully understand our relationship with the power of sound.