Bio12Robert Winston’s early research contributed to a new understanding of the female reproductive system and some of the diseases that affect millions of women worldwide. Through close collaborations with highly skilled researchers and surgeons, the work carried out by Winston at the reproductive group at Hammersmith Hospital, and subsequently the Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology, has revolutionized in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and the treatment of female reproductive diseases. Numerous overseas medical and science graduates came to train with these research groups from all over the world, and there are now alumni from the unit in about 80 different countries.

Winston’s current research activities, a collaboration between researches at the California Institute of Technology and Imperial College, London, has a genetic focus with diverse aims that include improving the production of stem cells from embryonic tissue and reducing genetic abnormalities in embryos.

Early research – Robert Winston’s early research and work in the field of female reproductive medicine led to greater understanding of reproductive diseases and improved interventions to help women around the world.

The research Robert Winston carried out early in his career on animal models led to the development of meticulous techniques to improve fertility surgery. Winston developed both the technique and instruments to carry out pelvic microsurgery, which enabled him to study various reproductive system diseases, including fallopian tube damage and pelvic inflammatory disease.

The study of the ciliated epithelium, the cells with tiny hairs that line the Fallopian tubes and help move the egg from ovaries to womb, and examination of the Fallopian tubes in close detail, allowed greater understanding of both ectopic pregnancy and hydrosalpinx. Both these conditions affect millions of women around the world.

Through contributions to treating ectopic pregnancy and developing techniques to unblock fallopian tubes, Winston developed now commonplace surgeries that have led to high pregnancy rates yet to be surpassed by modern IVF methods.

Early collaborators and the birth of modern IVF – Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the work of the reproductive group at Hammersmith Hospital revolutionized in vitro fertilisation (IVF), leading to its place as one of the most successful units in the world.

As well as Raul Margara and Stephen Franks, many other talented individuals contributed to the early work of the Hammersmith Hospital’s reproductive group. Under the scientific leadership of Stephen Hillier, many contributions to improve infertility treatment and IVF were made and the Hammersmith IVF unit became one of the most successful in the world.

When Steve Hillier decided to move to Edinburgh to take up a professorial appointment, Alan Handyside joined the group as scientific director. Under his leadership, the group’s research investigated why many human embryos are not able to survive, and led to radical developments in the field of IVF technology.

The introduction of techniques that allowed embryo biopsies to be taken, and their genetic information to be amplified, led to the birth of the first children free of fatal gene defects were born in 1990. Further work in collaboration with Joy Delhanty, from University College, London, led to quick efficient evaluation of potential genetic abnormalities in embryos.

In 2002, a major ambition was realised when, under Winston’s leadership, the Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology (IRDB) was opened on the Hammersmith site, with 130 scientists and clinicians working in 12 related research groups carrying out internationally competitive research.

Current work and research – Robert Winston’s current research, in collaboration with Dr Carol Readhead, has a genetic focus, examining a wide range of areas that looks at embryo viability and the reduction of genetic abnormalities.

Whilst the IRDB was being established, Robert Winston joined forces with Dr Carol Readhead, a senior scientist from the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. Carol is highly experienced in various aspects of genetic research, and she and Winston still work together. Currently, they supervise a group working between the IRDB and California who focus on stem cells and the production of transgenics (organisms which contain pieces of genetic information from another organism or species).

Their team, which offers opportunities for appropriate post-graduate students, includes:

Dr Feride Oeztuerk-Winder investigates techniques used to insert new genetic information into existing DNA sequences. Her long-term aim to facilitate the birth of transgenic farm animals, which has the potential to improve animal and human welfare. This work is carried out scrupulously and no animal suffering is involved. Further information of the research of Dr Oeztuerk-Winder can be found here, and her publications can be found here.

Dr Anil Chandrashekran’s research examines retroviral vectors, viruses that deliver genetic information into existing genes, into male germ stem cells, the cells that produce sperm. The development of a retrovirus that specifically targets these stem cells will make delivery more efficient and safer. Further information of the research of Dr Chandrashekran can be found here, and his publications can be found here.

Dr Ellen Poon’s research focuses on techniques for obtaining human and mouse embryonic stem cells, known as deriving stem cells, from sources such as donated embryos from IVF. This is difficult and current processes are inefficient. The chance of getting normal stem cells at the end of the process is less than five per cent, partly because most human embryos contain significant faults. One problem is that they often have cells with abnormal chromosomes so that they are not viable, but there is no easy way of detecting this at the time the embryo is donated.

Dr Sheba Jarvis is a medically qualified doctor who examines the development of male germ cells, the cells that produce sperm, and the genes they express at different stages of their life cycle. Further information of the research of Dr Jarvis can be found here and her publications can be found here.


Academic publications


Robert Winston’s extensive contributions to the field of reproductive medicine is catalogued through a wide range of articles, reviews, book chapters and academic educational videos dating back to 1973. His most recent publications are:

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Winston’s most cited publications include:

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A full list of Winston’s academic publications can be found below:


Scientific Publications in Peer-review Journals

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Professional teaching films and videotapes:

The use of the microscope for salpingostomy. 16mm film. Prize at AFS, Miami, 1977.

Tubocornual anastomosis for inflammatory disease. 16mm film. First shown Madrid, 1978.

Microsurgery for Sterilization Reversal. 16mm film. First shown Seoul, Korea, 1979.

Transplantation of the Human Fallopian Tube. 16mm film. Grenoble, 1981.

Handling fine suture material. Videotape, Leuven, 1982.

Salpingostomy simplified. 16mm film.  Bombay, 1983.

Tubocornual Anastomosis. Teaching Videotape sponsored by Winthrop Laboratories, 1985.

Preparation of the Pelvis for IVF. Teaching Videotape sponsored by Winthrop Laboratories, 1985.

Salpingostomy. Teaching Videotape sponsored by Winthrop Laboratories, 1985.

Seven Ways to improve your IVF programme. Videotape sponsored by Winthrop Laboratories, 1985.

Endometriosis. Teaching videotape, Winthrop-Sterling, 1987.

Adhesion prophylaxis. Teaching videptape with London Rubber Company, 1988.

Artificial insemination. Teaching videotape. Organon Laboratories, 1992.

Laparoscopic surgery. Video-programme made for Royal College Obstetricians & Gynaeclogists, 1992.