• Wellington

    Royal Society, New Zealand

    Robert Winston delivers a lecture at the Royal Society in Wellington, new Zealand. This event is supported by the University of Otago. Professor Winston will explore the boundaries of art and science in his talk ‘Where does Science end and Art begin?’

  • Unknown-7

    Hay Festival

    Robert Winston speaks in Hay twice on Wednesday 28th May. Firstly at the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts, where at  10am he introduces his new children’s book “Utterly Amazing Science”. He’ll also be speaking at HowTheLightGetsIn, the world’s largest philosophy and music festival. At midday Robert Winston appears alongside Lewis Wolpert, Sian Ede and…

  • Unknown-9

    Bollington Festival

    Robert Winston travels to the village of Bollington in Cheshire for their annual Festival, now in its 50th year. The talk starts at 7pm. More information can be found on their website.

  • Unknown-8

    Sofia Science Festival 2014

    Robert Winston travels to Bulgaria for the Sofia Science Festival 2014 to talk about ‘Manipulating Reproduction’. Organised by the British Council, this is Bulgaria’s first ever science festival. Have a look at the website for more information.

  • Genesis Research Trust

    Send me your IVF questions

    In 2014 Professor Winston launched the free, confidential Ask Robert Winston service through the Genesis Research Trust. He talks to the Guardian about the reasons for setting up this facility.

  • Child of our Time

    Child of our Time

    For thirteen years, the BBC has been following the lives of 25 children who were born at the turn of the millennium. In the latest two episodes of this long-running series, Robert Winston discovers how the children’s lives are changing as they enter their teenage years, and how their parents are coping with them growing…

  • DNA2Radio

    DNA 60 Years On

    Just 60 years ago, the initials DNA were unknown to the public. A handful of scientists were in a race to discover the structure of this complex molecule which possibly held the secret of life. Today, DNA is a crucial part of our knowledge about health, identity and our whole world. In April 1953, James…

  • ClassicFmRadio

    Robert Winston On…

    Robert Winston joined Classic FM to present four shows in December 2012 focusing on everything from drinking songs to pastoral music.