Utterly Amazing Science Wins Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

We were delighted to hear that Utterly Amazing Science has won this year’s Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize.  The result was announced at an awards ceremony at the Eden Project in Cornwall on 16 November 2015.

The winner was chosen by over 1,500 young people in judging panels around the country and the Prize was presented at a prestigious award ceremony at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

The young judges said:

Destiny, 10
“This book is full of very cool facts and popups.”

Asma, 12
“This book is scientifically awesome! Even my 15 year-old sister liked it!”

Meg, 9
“What a brilliant book, I’m definitely going to read it all.”

Adam, 11
“Creative, imaginative, fact-filled and fun.”

Matthew, 12
“An utterly amazing book, with fun radiating from it! Every page is a new adventure.”

Chrystabelle, 12
“This book is an absolute winner. I enjoyed reading it from cover to cover as it’s well written yet easy to read, colourful and full of interesting information.”

Mariusz, 12,
“It wants me to go and do science! And the pop-ups are great too.”