Woman’s Hour Radio 4

Robert Winston speaks about navigating the world of fertility treatment and his new book.

You can listen to the show here

Robert Winston On…

Robert Winston joined Classic FM to present four shows in December 2012 focusing on everything from drinking songs to pastoral music.

Tracks of our Years

Professor Robert Winston picks the Tracks of My Years, with songs from the Rolling Stones and Gary Barlow.

DNA 60 Years On

Just 60 years ago, the initials DNA were unknown to the public. A handful of scientists were in a race to discover the structure of this complex molecule which possibly held the secret of life. Today, DNA is a crucial part of our knowledge about health, identity and our whole world.
In April 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick published their conclusion that the structure of DNA was a double helix. In this programme Robert Winston traces the ways in which DNA has entered our lives, including a new interview with the 85 year old James Watson, who reflects on the consequences of his pioneering work with Crick.
Listen to the clip: Francis Crick and James Watson relive the moment they finally solved the riddle of the structure of DNA, the solution that would open up a new world of scientific research which continues to this day.

The Science of Music

Robert Winston looks at music with a scientist’s eye, testing the data behind our emotions, in a series that seeks to fully understand our relationship with the power of sound.

Robert Winston’s Musical Analysis

Series in which Robert Winston explores the relationship between the music and the medical conditions of composers who suffered mental and physical illness.

Women’s Hour – Fertility and leukaemia

A report reveals that fertility boosting drugs could more than double the risk of children developing leukaemia. Jane speaks to Robert Winston and Juliet Tizzard, HFEA.

The Life Scientific

Jim Al-Khaili talks to Professor Robert Winston about IVF, designer babies and why scientists must take ethical responsibilty for the work they do.