Utterly Amazing Science

I’ve enjoyed hands-on science for as long as I remember. Now you can try amazing things for yourself – pop-ups and experiments – and be thrilled like me’. Professor Robert Winston

Launch a rocket, peer inside a brain and see an atom pop up before your eyes, this summer DK brings you Utterly Amazing Science, a new interactive, pop-up book for children by leading science expert Professor Robert Winston.

Utterly Amazing Science is jam packed with brand new colourful illustrations, engaging text and amazing facts and stories, capturing young imaginations and helping readers get to grips with the various subjects within science. Not only does this book make learning fun, it also covers core national curriculum content in science, the human body and maths, plus games and activities for kids to try at home.

What makes this book so unique are the pop-ups, tabs, flaps and wheels that demonstrate the many incredible facts and ideas which can be found throughout the book. Readers can use push and pull sliders to feel the force, get to grips with the building blocks of matter with a pop-up atom, and learn how an engine works by turning an interactive crank around on the page.

These fun demonstrations offer a new, interactive approach to learning whilst unravelling the mysteries of science by allowing children to see how things work for themselves. The ‘try at home’ demonstrations also gives kids the opportunity to have a go at some real experiments such as bending water, the magic coin trick and making nearly instant ice cream.

All the core topics are covered including, forces, motions, light and colour, elements and matter and magnets and electricity, making it the perfect guide for homework help and information. Not only will this vibrant, interactive guide get kids enthused and excited about this incredible subject, the combination of facts and interactivity will leave them thoroughly blown away.


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