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    That’s Life

    Children’s book: That’s Life  – Putting the buzz back into biology with Professor Robert Winston. What makes Earth an ideal place for life to survive? Robert Winston takes children back to Earth’s beginnings showing how organisms live and survive in That’s Life. From the very big to the microscopic, meet the animals, plants, fungi and bacteria…

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    Ask Robert Winston

    Ask Robert Winston is a free question-answering service for people seeking impartial fertility advice. The service, run through Robert’s charity Genesis Research Trust, will then see questions anonymised and published, along with his personal blog. The advice is offered free of charge but it is hoped that those receiving advice will make a donation to the…

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    The Science of Music

    The Science of Music was Robert Winston’s most recent BBC Radio 4 series . The programmes covered aspects of  the evolution of musicality, the physics of music, the science of performance and the impact of music on brain function Listen to the programmes here.