Begin Before Birth: Perinatal Mental Health Webinar

I am delighted to be introducing this latest conference which I think will be of huge interest to many new mums, dads and those who care for them. We ask the question “What can happen to any person before birth?” It turns out that what a baby experiences whilst still in the womb can be of great importance to health and wellbeing much later in life. This is also true of a microscopic embryo just three days after conception – while it is still invisible to the naked eye. These influences can affect growth, development and health before the mother can even know she is pregnant. The consequence may have powerful effects on a person’s health years afterwards, much later in adult life.

Our research shows that some quite common medical conditions may only present as a problem for the first time in middle age but have their genesis in the womb. These diseases may result from changes in the unborn baby’s environment. They include heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and weak bones. It seems almost unbelievable that a tiny person while yet unborn may be so sensitive. It goes further that this. Common conditions like childhood asthma and obesity – and just possibly in some cases, diabetes – may also be more likely with environmental changes. One reason why doctors advise pregnant women not to smoke and also limit the amount of alcohol they drink.

All this is not just true of physical health, but mental well-being also. Mental health problems in pregnancy and after birth affect at least one out of every five women. This last year has been extraordinary and there is no doubt that the pandemic has taken its toll on everybody. But there is no doubt that the apprehension and loneliness caused by the virus has been unprecedented. Moreover the lockdowns have greatly increased the anxiety. This webinar also gives a powerful and optimistic message. The ill effects on later life following changes in the environment in the womb are frequently reversible. But need to understand that environment better, we must recognise what is happening and understand the mechanisms.

This meeting on Zoom seeks to foster friendly, open discussion around the topic. We are fortunate to have gathered a group of world experts for this symposium and there will be plenty of time to put your questions to leading experts in the field. This discussion should be valuable for new and expectant. parents, or those trying to conceive or just thinking about a pregnancy. The webinar is chaired by Professor Vivette Glover at Imperial College London, and is hosted by the charity Genesis Research Trust which supports research into all aspects of women’s health. This meeting echoes the theme of this year’s Infant Mental Health Awareness Week: “Including Infants”.

Everyone is welcome to join us on the afternoon of June 15th. For more information, or to register, please click here.

Spring 2021: Speaking at schools

While visiting schools in person is not currently possible, Robert is happy to address students via Zoom or other online platforms.  If you are a teacher or pupil – primary or secondary – and you would like Robert to talk to students at your school, please email Helen on  Robert does not charge a fee for speaking at schools though any donation to the Genesis Research Trust to mark the occasion is gratefully received.


Public Engagements: Autumn/Winter 2018-19

Robert will be speaking at the following venues and events over the coming months.  Please check the individual venue’s website to find out more details and book tickets.
Thursday, 4th October 2018, 4pm – Bath Children’s Literature Festival
From the solar system to evolution and the human body, discover how machines work, where lightening comes from and how lungs allow you to breathe. The Science Squad is made up of the five STEM subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths and the professor will explain how they work together and why they are so important.

Wednesday 17th October 2018, 7pm – Saffron Hall
Does decoding the human genome herald new opportunities for medicine or is there a darker side? Will ethics prevent us from manufacturing stronger, more gifted children? Or will our imperfect knowledge of genetics result in some major surprises? Join legendary scientist, politician and writer Robert Winston to discover more.

Monday 22nd October 2018,  7pm – Princes Theatre, Clacton on Sea
“Modifying Humans” – Talk for Clacton and North East Essex Arts Society
Researcher, Writer, Broadcaster, Professor of Science and Society and Fertility studies presents ‘MODIFYING HUMANS’. During his career Robert has always concentrated on advancing the understanding and interaction between scientists and the public.

Thursday 25 October 2018, 6.30pm – Sheffield Off the Shelf Festival
Join Professor Robert Winston as he explores how the world works in his new book Science Squad. The Science Squad are made up of the five STEAM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths, Robert explains how they work together, why they are so important and how they relate to the world around us. From the solar system to evolution, children will discover how machines work, where lightning comes from and more.

Tuesday 30th October 2018 – Varma Lecture, St. George’s Hospital, Tooting
“Are we sowing the see for the destruction of the human”

Monday 19 November 2018, 10.45am – Girls Schools Association Annual Conference
“Scientific Literacy”

Monday 26 November 2019 –  “Science Live” event, Manchester

Friday 30 November 2018, 10.45am – “Science Live” event – London Apollo Theatre

Thursday 10 January 2019 – Round Table event with Stuart Wright Pearson, Downing College, Cambridge
Exhibition “Halfboy” re the bio-ethics of assisted conception

Wednesday 16th January Science Live even, Birmingham

Friday 18th January 2019 –  Science Live event, London

Monday 21st January 2019 – Science Live event, Oxford

Monday 4th February 2019 – Science Live Birmingham

Thursday 7th February 2019 – Science Live Bath

Friday 8th February 2019 – Science Live London

Monday 11th February 2019 – Science Live Manchester

Wednesday 13th February 2019 – Science Live Leeds

Thursday 28th February 2019. 6.30pm – Architects for Health
The Annual Phil Cusack Talk –!event/2019/2/28/agm-2019

Early Years Conference 2016

Robert Winston is the keynote speaker at Early Excellence’s Early Years Conference., where he will be giving a scientific perspective to child development and learning.

The conference takes place at various locations around the country and is open to Early Years Practioners:

Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford
Thursday 17th November, 9.30am – 3.30pm

The St Johns Hotel, Solihull
Monday 28th November, 9.30am – 3.30pm

Early Excellence London Centre
Tuesday 29th November, 9.30am – 3.30pm

Early Excellence London Centre
30th November, 9.30am – 3.30pm

For more information see their website

Visit to Parmiter’s School

Thank you to the staff and students of Parmiter’s School in Garston for their warm hospitality on Friday 12 March.  After delivering a talk to 300 students, Robert was presented with a wonderful cheque for the Genesis Research Trust – thank you for all your fundraising efforts!  To round the day off he was given honorary membership of the school’s STEM-EAST  Club and presented with his very own lab coat to mark the occasion.  To find out more, visit the school’s website.

Science Live!

Robert is a regular speaker at Science Live! around the country. Science Live! is a series of annual events for GCSE Science students at venues across the UK.



This year he is speaking at the following venues:



Oxford – Wednesday 20 January 2016: New Theatre

Manchester – Monday 25 January 2016: Opera House

London – Friday 29 January 2016:

Sheffield – Tuesday 2 February 2016:

London – Friday 26 February 2016: Dominion Theatre & Apollo Victoria

Birmingham – Monday 29 February 2016: at Symphony Hall and New Alexandra Theatre

Leeds – Wednesday 2 March 2016: Town Hall

Glasgow – Tuesday 22 March 2016: Pavilion Theatre


A Level

Wednesday 27 January 2016: Town Hall, Birmingham

Thursday 4 February 2016: Phoenix Theatre, London


To find out more, visit the Science Live! website.

Professor Winston opens a new special school

TCES Fresh Start in Witham Essex was opened last term by Professor Robert Winston. The school caters for children with Autism, Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs and other special educational needs.

Yeovil Literary Festival – 1 November 2015

Robert will be speaking at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil as part of the Yeovil Literary Festival on  Sunday 1 November 2015.  He will be speaking on What Makes Us Happy: Reading the Human Mind.  To find out more information and to buy tickets, please visit the Festival website.