Teacher CPD in the East Midlands: 1st July 2016 10am

Robert Winston will be talking to staff from FE Colleges and schools at a CPD event in Nottingham on the importance of experimenting in education. This will be an intimate event with a book signing and lunch with plenty of time to ask questions.

Professor Winston has a keen interest in education and speak at schools around the country on a weekly basis. He set up  The Reach Out Lab at Imperial College to allow school pupils to try practical science and also measure the impact of different teaching methods. The lab also runs CPD to improve the confidence and knowledge of science teachers at both primary and secondary.

This event will be an intimate gathering to motivate staff, science and non-science, about the importance of experimenting with teaching and learning in order to innovate.

Tickets are available to all education practioners on the EMFEC website: http://www.emfec.co.uk/event/an-audience-with-professor-robert-winston/

Cheltenham Science Festival

Robert will be at the Cheltenham Science Festival on Tuesday 7 June demonstrating exciting experiments from his new kids book HomeLab.  To find out more and to buy tickets, please visit the Festival website.

And on Wednesday 8 June at 4pm, Robert will be discussing Why My Experiments Always Go Wrong.  Find out more on the Festival website.

Northern Ireland Science Festival, Belfast

Robert will be speaking on Sunday 28 February at Whitla Hall, Queens University, Belfast on ‘What Makes Us Happy?’  This event is part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival which has been taking place over the past two weeks.  To find out more, and to buy tickets, please visit the Festival website.

Visit to Parmiter’s School

Thank you to the staff and students of Parmiter’s School in Garston for their warm hospitality on Friday 12 March.  After delivering a talk to 300 students, Robert was presented with a wonderful cheque for the Genesis Research Trust – thank you for all your fundraising efforts!  To round the day off he was given honorary membership of the school’s STEM-EAST  Club and presented with his very own lab coat to mark the occasion.  To find out more, visit the school’s website.

Science Live!

Robert is a regular speaker at Science Live! around the country. Science Live! is a series of annual events for GCSE Science students at venues across the UK.



This year he is speaking at the following venues:



Oxford – Wednesday 20 January 2016: New Theatre

Manchester – Monday 25 January 2016: Opera House

London – Friday 29 January 2016:

Sheffield – Tuesday 2 February 2016:

London – Friday 26 February 2016: Dominion Theatre & Apollo Victoria

Birmingham – Monday 29 February 2016: at Symphony Hall and New Alexandra Theatre

Leeds – Wednesday 2 March 2016: Town Hall

Glasgow – Tuesday 22 March 2016: Pavilion Theatre


A Level

Wednesday 27 January 2016: Town Hall, Birmingham

Thursday 4 February 2016: Phoenix Theatre, London


To find out more, visit the Science Live! website.

Utterly Amazing Science Wins Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

We were delighted to hear that Utterly Amazing Science has won this year’s Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize.  The result was announced at an awards ceremony at the Eden Project in Cornwall on 16 November 2015.

The winner was chosen by over 1,500 young people in judging panels around the country and the Prize was presented at a prestigious award ceremony at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

The young judges said:

Destiny, 10
“This book is full of very cool facts and popups.”

Asma, 12
“This book is scientifically awesome! Even my 15 year-old sister liked it!”

Meg, 9
“What a brilliant book, I’m definitely going to read it all.”

Adam, 11
“Creative, imaginative, fact-filled and fun.”

Matthew, 12
“An utterly amazing book, with fun radiating from it! Every page is a new adventure.”

Chrystabelle, 12
“This book is an absolute winner. I enjoyed reading it from cover to cover as it’s well written yet easy to read, colourful and full of interesting information.”

Mariusz, 12,
“It wants me to go and do science! And the pop-ups are great too.”

Yeovil Literary Festival – 1 November 2015

Robert will be speaking at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil as part of the Yeovil Literary Festival on  Sunday 1 November 2015.  He will be speaking on What Makes Us Happy: Reading the Human Mind.  To find out more information and to buy tickets, please visit the Festival website.

Theatre Tour: What Makes Us Happy?

Robert will be speaking at various theatres around the country over the coming months on “What Makes Us Happy?”

What led to French philosopher Michel de Montaigne thanking fortune for the pain he suffered? Or why did Mahler apparently stop composing after his meeting in Holland with Sigmund Freud? Why was Alfred J Prufrock in T S Eliot’s poem so chronically depressed and suffering so much lack of self-esteem? Shall we ever really understand what makes us happy?

To some extent, the ability to be happy is inherited, but social scientists have emphasized that various environmental influences – health, a stable society, economic advantages, play a major role. Professor Winston examines the role of brain imaging, hormone study, sexuality, child development, pharmacology and psychological research in understanding how science may help us be happier. Happy people tend to live longer, and recent research suggests we tend to get happier as we get older. Is this simply because we become more forgetful? Can we make ourselves happier and if so, will knowledge of brain function and how we might manipulate it give us more fulfilled lives?

So far, the following venues have been confirmed:

New Elgiva Theatre, Chesham 27 September – SOLD OUT
Windsor, Theatre Royal – 30 September 2015
Harlequin Theatre, Reigate – Thursday 8 October
Colchester Mercury Theatre – Tuesday 3 November


To view further details and buy tickets, please click on the venue to be taken to the theatre’s website.