The Skeleton Book: Get to know your bones, inside out

With incredible computer-generated artworks, The Skeleton Book shows how truly amazing our internal scaffold is from skull to toes.

See how the skeleton’s flexibility makes the body supple and agile while providing support and strength – did you know that gram for gram bone is stronger than steel, while being five times lighter and ten times more elastic?!

The Skeleton Book compares key parts of the human skeleton to animal skeletons to show how and why our unique skeleton has evolved to be the shape it is. Then you can compare your own body to the pull-out life-size poster of the whole human skeleton! Perfect for ages 8 – 13.


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Home Lab: Exciting Experiments for Budding Scientists

Stir up some sticky slime, build a Solar System with rubber bands, power a speed boat using soap, and construct an erupting volcano, all with Home Lab, exciting experiments for budding scientists.

Including a foreword by Professor Robert Winston, Home Lab is packed with 28 brilliant projects, using clear step-by-step instructions, everyday ingredients that can be found around the house and amazing photography to guide you from start to finish. Plus fact-filled panels explain the science behind every experiment, as well as real-world examples providing a context to better understand scientific principles.

Perfect for budding scientists and crafters, Home Lab will keep children entertained for hours.

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Cheltenham Science Festival

Robert will be at the Cheltenham Science Festival on Tuesday 7 June demonstrating exciting experiments from his new kids book HomeLab.  To find out more and to buy tickets, please visit the Festival website.

And on Wednesday 8 June at 4pm, Robert will be discussing Why My Experiments Always Go Wrong.  Find out more on the Festival website.

Science Live!

Robert is a regular speaker at Science Live! around the country. Science Live! is a series of annual events for GCSE Science students at venues across the UK.



This year he is speaking at the following venues:



Oxford – Wednesday 20 January 2016: New Theatre

Manchester – Monday 25 January 2016: Opera House

London – Friday 29 January 2016:

Sheffield – Tuesday 2 February 2016:

London – Friday 26 February 2016: Dominion Theatre & Apollo Victoria

Birmingham – Monday 29 February 2016: at Symphony Hall and New Alexandra Theatre

Leeds – Wednesday 2 March 2016: Town Hall

Glasgow – Tuesday 22 March 2016: Pavilion Theatre


A Level

Wednesday 27 January 2016: Town Hall, Birmingham

Thursday 4 February 2016: Phoenix Theatre, London


To find out more, visit the Science Live! website.

Professor Winston opens a new special school

TCES Fresh Start in Witham Essex was opened last term by Professor Robert Winston. The school caters for children with Autism, Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs and other special educational needs.

Utterly Amazing Human Body

Utterly Amazing Human Body is an eye-catching pop-up book that teaches kids how the human body works

Professor Robert Winston unravels the mysteries of the human body through pop-ups, pull-outs, flaps, sliders and incredible facts to make learning about the human body fun and interactive.

Pop-open the mouth to reveal the teeth, tongue and senses of smell or lift-the-flap on the human body to reveal all the major organs and systems. From bulging muscles to the inside of the brain, this beautiful pop-up book brings the human body for kids to life with Professor Robert Winston to help along the way.


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Edinburgh International Book Festival

Robert will be talking about his latest book for young readers, Utterly Amazing Human Body at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Monday 31 August at 3.45pm.  Come and learn all about your amazing body, from all its major organs to the bulging brilliance of its brain, in what promises to be a fun and accessible insight into your biology.  Click here for tickets.

Utterly Amazing Science

We were delighted to hear that Utterly Amazing Science has won the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize 2015!

The book was chosen by over 1,500 young people in judging panels around the country and the Prize was presented at an awards ceremony at the Eden Project in Cornwall on Monday 16 November.

The Society awards a prize each year to the best book that communicates science to young people. The prize aims to inspire young people to read about science and promotes the best science writing for the under-14s.